How to use "Create New" - DBUpdateTool - Excel

... by Hi-Neko in Excel DBUpdateTool October 11, 2020

Create a new Excel file for the operation of DBUpdateTool.

1. Select the "Add-ins" tab in the Excel ribbon menu. Click the "Create New" button in the "DBUpdateTool2020" menu.


Enlarge the previous image for clarity.


2. A file selection dialog will be displayed. Specify an arbitrary location and save the Excel file.


3. Wait for a while until the following screen is displayed.


4. Four sheets are automatically created at the same time as the Excel file is created.


5. Please see the created "Introduction" sheet. This sheet contains the steps required to use the tool. Once you get used to it, you will be able to start smoothly without looking here.


6. Please see the created "Config" sheet. Enter the information required to connect to the database in this sheet.


7. Please see the created "Option" sheet. In this sheet, enter the option settings to use the tool more conveniently.


8. Please see the created "Description" sheet. This sheet describes the function of each button of the tool. It is equipped with various convenient functions, so please use it to improve the efficiency of system development work.


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