How to use "Delete Row" - DBUpdateTool - Excel

... by Hi-Neko in Excel DBUpdateTool October 22, 2020

For the selected row, the value of the cell of the primary key is set as the WHERE condition, and the DB data is deleted. [Multi rows can be selected]

1. The explanation starts from the following database status.

DBUpdateTool_UpdateRow_105_Expansion_en DBUpdateTool_UpdateRow_106_Expansion_en

2. Select any cell in the row you want to delete and click the "Delete Row" button in the DB Update Tool on the Add-ins tab in Excel.


3. A confirmation dialog will be displayed as the data in the database will change.


4. The process is completed successfully.


5. The background color of the line where "Delete Row" was performed has been changed. Indicates that a row has been deleted from the database. However, the data remains on Excel. Therefore, you can immediately update the deleted data to the database. This is very useful when testing the behavior of your system with multiple data.


6. Check in Microsoft SQL Management Studio to see if the data was really deleted. As you can see, it has been deleted.


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