How to use "Get Latest" - DBUpdateTool - Excel

... by Hi-Neko in Excel DBUpdateTool October 24, 2020

For all rows, compare the cell and DB data, and if there is a difference, change the background color of the cell to express the difference. After that, the data in the DB is compared with the existing data in the Excel sheet to get the record that does not exist in the Excel sheet.

1. Check the data in the current table in "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio".


2. Make sure that the table data does not exist on Excel.


3. Click the "Get Latest" button of "DBUpdateTool" in the "Add-ins" tab of Excel.


4. The process is complete.


5. The data of the table confirmed in advance in "Microsoft SQL Management Studio" is displayed on Excel.

DBUpdateTool_GetLatest_104_Expansion_en SQL_Server_Management_Studio_110_Expansion_en

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