How to use "Rename Sheet" - DBUpdateTool - Excel

... by Hi-Neko in Excel DBUpdateTool October 27, 2020

It is a menu to operate the sheet name.

1. Start the operation from the following state.


2. Hover your mouse cursor over cell A1 to see the comment. Comments are created automatically when you create the header. The table aliases, unique keys, and foreign keys are displayed.

DBUpdateTool_RenameSheet_102_Expansion_en SQL_Server_Management_Studio_112_en

3. From the "DBUpdateTool" menu on the Add-in tab, click the "Rename Sheet" > "Table Name-Table Alias" button.


4. The process has been executed.


5. As you can see, the sheet name of "Account" has been changed to the format of "Table Name-Table Alias".

DBUpdateTool_RenameSheet_105_Expansion_en SQL_Server_Management_Studio_112_en

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