How to use "Update Row" - DBUpdateTool - Excel

... by Hi-Neko in Excel DBUpdateTool October 20, 2020

For the selected row, set the cell value of the primary key as the "WHERE" condition, and "INSERT" or "UPDATE" the cell data into the DB. If there is no existing data, perform "INSERT", and if there is existing data, perform "UPDATE". [Multiple lines can be selected]

1. If you want to add a new row to a database table, create an Excel sheet with that table name and create a header.


Enlarge the previous image for clarity.


2. After creating the header with DBUpdateTool, enter the data you want to add in the Excel sheet.


3. Select any cell in the row you want to add and click the "Update Row" button of the "DBUpdateTool" in the "Add-ins" tab of Excel.


4. A confirmation dialog will be displayed as the data in the database will change.


5. The process is completed successfully.


6. The data in the database has been updated. In this case, the SQL INSERT process was executed because the same primary key data does not exist.


7. As you can see, if you check it in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, you can see that the data is certainly registered.


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