User Review

Please see the reviews received from customers using DBUpdateTool.

1. What were you worried about before you bought this product?

I was manually creating an INSERT statement to populate the database with test data. I found the work annoying. I created an Excel worksheet function to improve efficiency to some extent, but I thought it was still time-consuming and time-consuming.

2. How did you come to know this product?

I learned from the DM leaflet sent by fax.

3. Did you know this product and bought it immediately? If you didn't buy it right away, why? What were you worried about?

No, I didn't buy it right away. Because it was a DM that came by fax, I thought it would be an annoying business anyway.

4. What made you decide to buy this product?

FAXDM came with different contents three times, I felt serious, I thought that I should take a look at the homepage, there are many explanations, I felt that it seems to be reliable, so it is a little expensive, but the trial version As a result of downloading and using it, I felt that it would lead to cost reduction, and I wanted to continue using it even after the 14-day free period, so I purchased it.

5. How about actually using it?

We use it very conveniently. The work efficiency has improved visibly.

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